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With over 60 years combined experience, Data Slayer provides Asset Remarketing, Repossessions, EOL Returns, Lease Forecasting and Fair Market Value requests for Financial institutions. 


We Remarket Servers, HDDs, Memory, Switches, PCs, Laptops, Phone Systems, Copiers, Medical, Test and Industrial Equipment. 


With an emphasis on compliance, we strive to net the most ROI.

  • Asset Recovery and Remarketing 

  • Purchase of IT assets 

  • Free Repossessions & EOL Returns in California 

  • Lease Forecasting 

  • Equipment Auditing & Fair Market Value Assistance

  • On-Site Physical HDD, SSD Shredding & Sanitization

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What is asset remarketing?

Asset remarketing is the reselling of equipment in a secondary market in order to recoup as much value as possible by selling on the client’s behalf.  

What are the benefits of asset remarketing?

The client will net as much ROI as we sell for them to our network (over 10,000 buyers) & take the highest bid rather than give a lump sum bid on the equipment.

What types of assets can be remarketed?

All types of IT/ onPrem related assets, Servers, Memory, CPUs, HDDs, Cards, Networking eq, Laptops, PCs, Tablets, Phones, Furniture, Copier, Medical, Dental, Test, Industrial, Yellow Iron…

How does asset remarketing work?

We remove, package, ship, audit, test then advertise the equipment on the behalf of the client.  We’ll advertise to our database of 10,000 + buyers & take the highest bid.  There is no out of pocket expense for the client.  Rather than give a lowball offer, we have the best interest of our clients in mind.

What are some tips for success with asset remarketing?

A reputable Vendor who has knowledge of the products.  Data Slayer’s extensive database includes end users, premier vendors/ dealers as well as exporters.  In our experience working with financial institutions, we follow strict compliance for reselling assets.  Our inventory lists are broadcast to over 10,000 prospective buyers.  The 3 highest bids are documented & the highest amongst those is rewarded the equipment.

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